• Everyone loves a bath and your home deserves a beautiful bath

    We specialise in restoring antique British & French baths using traditional methods that last a life time,

    reinstating the heritage of bathrooms for generations to come.



    We hope that you and your family are safe and well.

    During this crisis we are doing everything we can to comply with Government guidelines and ensure our team and you are safe.

    We can now come to your home but ask that social distancing is observed at all times & if you or any family members are unwell that we reschedule the visit. We are still taking orders and able to advise you on what can be done to restore your bath. Fortunately we are able to restore baths in our foundry albeit at a slightly slower pace.

    Please get in touch with any enquiry you may have.


  • What's Our Passion

    Having over 20 years in the bath restoration business we have seen the processes that work and those that do not work. We have unearthed the misrepresentation of many bath suppliers who bamboozle you with science to sell their inferior baths. There are cheap imports, blatant copies and never quite the real thing.


    Why We Stand Out

    When people refer to re-enamelling a bath they are normally referring to a process of spray painting the bath with an epoxy acrylic paint primer and then finishing with a polyurethane-based enamel topcoat. This is typically a thin coat of paint, that like all paints will peel and crack and easily chip and rarely lasts more than a few years.

    At The Vintage Bath Company we only use traditional methods and original antique baths. When we re-enamel a bath we only use vitreous enamel the same way the Victorians & Edwardians did, well almost, we have managed to enhance the process with more environmentally friendly modern equipment. But the principle is the same, excellence. Our vitreous enamelling, like with all traditional craftsmanship will last a life time and that's why we offer a 25 year warranty on all our baths.




    Our Difference

    Other than only using real vitreous enamel, The Vintage Bath Company offers a bespoke restoration service. We will collect your bath, take it to the workshop where it will undergo the full restoration service and, once done, delivered ready to be reinstalled in its original glory, ready to be appreciated for another hundred years. We can also have your taps and wastes re-nickelled to complement your beautiful, restored masterpiece.



  • Baths For Sale

    Here is just a small selection of some of the many baths that we have for sale.

    Please note that these baths have not yet been restored but are waiting for a new home so you may need to use a little imagination.

    If none of the baths shown take your fancy, don't worry as we have lots of bath of different sizes stock 

    and can always source the perfect bath for you.

  • Our Process

    Our foundry has been restoring reclaimed baths for customers with a genuine appreciation for Antique & Victorian Cast Iron Baths for over 15 years. The restoration process is something that takes years to master and that is why we are the leading restorers of cast iron baths in the UK.

    Step One

    Your old and tired bath is delivered and the bath furniture removed.

    Step Two

    ​The bath is shot-blasted inside and out to remove the old vitreous enamel and layers of paint from the outside taking it back to the original cast.

    Step Three

    The interior of your bath is then ground-coated and fired at over 800° Celsius.

    Step Four

    After having been given a further three cover coats (the actual enamel) and three more firings at just under 800° Celsius for approximately an hour, this is the enamelling process complete.

    Step Five


    The exterior, including the feet will have been shot blasted clean prior to vitreous enamelling are finished in a metal oxide primer as standard included in the price.

    The exterior can be finished in the colour of your choice (Farrow & Ball being very popular paint) at an additional cost of £135

    Step Six


    Your bath is delivered back to you and ready to be reinstalled in its place of pride.

  • Stephen & Victoria Fordham - Notting Hill, London

    " Bill Jackson did a superb job re-enamelling our bath. We had bought it as a reconditioned bath, but it had in fact

    been painted. The enamelling job that Bill did has given the bath a far more beautiful and textured look and feel.

    It feels fully authentic and no doubt will last for many years, rather than the chipping around the plug hole that

    had previously occurred. Bill provided a personalised service and went to great trouble to advise us and to do

    the best possible job."

    Jo Spicer - Gloustershire

    “ I recently had my bath renewed by Billy of The Vintage Bath Company. Absolutely terrific result. Bath unrecognisable. The whole experience was very satisfying as work was not only completed in promised time slot but was the result of very efficient hard work and attention to detail. Thoroughly recommend the service as my shining bath has completely altered the look of my bathroom. Thanks Bill.”

  • We don't just restore baths

    We buy Baths to order

    Get the perfect bath for your home

    We can source the right bath for your home in the style & size you desire, simply tell us your requirements and we will do the leg work. This is very popular with our interior design clients.We also hold a large stock of reclaimed baths.

    Baths for sale

    We have a large selection

    We have a wide selection of antique baths of different shapes and sizes ready to be lovingly restored with vitreous enamel at affordable prices. Please contact us with your requirements.

    See above for examples of our stock.

    Bath furniture restoration

    Finish your bath off

    We can have your taps and bath accessories refurbished and nickel-chromed back to their former glory.

    Bath Polishing

    A specialist procedure done in situ

    If you have a bath that is just stained, dull or rough but the enamel is otherwise in good condition, we can polish your bath back to a beautiful condition in situ.

  • Bath Furniture

    If you don't have the original taps we can supply traditional Vintage style accessories.

    We can offer traditionally crafted fixtures at affordable prices.

    We also have a wide selection of fully refurbished antique taps

  • Get in touch

    If you would like further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Based in wonderful Wiltshire but with very much a Nationwide reach
    Monday-Friday 8am -6pm
    We monitor emails over the weekend
    07990 586509
  • The Vintage Bath Company News & Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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  • Ts & Cs

    Suitability of Cast

    All baths must be free from structural defects (eg. cracks), and be as rust-free as possible. Some baths which are discovered to be cracked, can sometimes be repaired at additional cost. Bearing in mind most baths we have were cast over a 100 years ago the quality of the cast is unknown until we shot blast the old enamel off, you will be notified of any defects on discovery.

    Lead Times

    Unless special arrangements have been made, the normal turnaround is 2 to 4 weeks.


    As part of our service we will arrange collection and delivery of your bath. Typically £150 each way, depending on your location.


    All fittings must be removed prior to collection. Failure to remove fittings may result in a total loss of such fittings. We can do this for you as part of our service and if you wish us to restore your fittings we will make the necessary arrangements.

    Finished Result

    Please note that as much as we try, the finished article may not necessarily appear as good as new. As the vitreous enamel will follow the contours of the bath, there are bound to be undulations within the surface. Also, owing to the very high temperatures achieved, tiny black specks, slight crazing and some slight pin holing may occur. This is unavoidable when working with some casts which are sometimes over 100 years old. These are purely aesthetic characteristics however and do not impact on the baths’s performance, If any of these symptoms do show, they will have no effect on the life of the bath.

    Fitting Instructions

    If you choose to use your own plumber to re-commission your bath please advise the plumber fitting the bath not to over tighten the fittings. This will avoid putting too much stress on the new vitreous enamel or causing it to split.

    Bath Care Instructions

    1. When filling the bath, ALWAYS turn the cold tap on first.
    2. After use, wash the bath out, using liquid detergent only. Fairy Liquid or similar.
    3. Never use abrasive cleaners such as powder or paste cleaners.
    4. Never use acidic-based cleaners such as new Bathroom Flash.
    5. Always dry the bath after use to prevent water marks forming.
    6. If the taps begin to leak, have them re-washered as soon as possible.
    7. Avoid placing glass or heavy objects over or on the bath, as impact damage may be caused if these fall into the bath.
    8. Avoid the use of appliances with suction pads, as these will form marks on the bath surface.

    The Vintage Bath Company Ltd 25 year Warranty


    In the unlikely event that you need to make a claim, please contact us on 07990 586509 or email info@thevintagebathcompany.com.
    Under the warranty, we require that the following conditions are met:

    • The product has been fitted in accordance with our installation instructions, UK Water Regulations 1999 and general good plumbing practice.

    • The product has been maintained and cared for in accordance with our Vintage Bath Care Instructions. NOTE: mildew, limescale effects, soap scum, enamel shine and corrosion are not covered under the warranty.

    • The product has not been modified, misused, neglected or wilfully or accidentally damaged. This also includes the general effects of wear and tear through usage.

    • The Vintage Bath Company Ltd are to be given opportunity to inspect the product in the installed situation, if removed the product must not be destroyed but should be retained for inspection. Photographic evidence of the product in the installed situation may be requested. If our on-site investigation determines the reported issue is not a restoration fault or a materials defect, a call out charge may be applied. This will be advised at the time of your claim.

    • If the product has failed under the terms of the warranty and a replacement is offered, but identical goods are no longer available, a mutual agreement will be sought.



    Any product that is sold at a discounted price due to known and agreed defects or other damage shall be exempt from this warranty. All products that fall into this category shall be clearly labelled as ‘Graded’ on the invoice.

    Enamel colour and shine can fade over time. This will not affect the performance of your product and is not covered by this warranty.

    This warranty is effective for all our products under the aforementioned parameters and is non-transferable; the warranty is only valid for the original owner and the original location.

    This warranty is offered to customers acquiring our products as “consumers”, not in the course of a trade or business. This warranty does not in any way affect the statutory or other rights of a consumer.

    This warranty only covers baths supplied by The Vintage Bath Company.

    This warranty only covers products installed in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.



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